2016 Bowl Series HS Sevens: Greenwich 38 v FASNY/Kelo 5 - Match 2

Saturday November 19, 2016 - 2:30 PM

Greenwich HS came back in the second match at the halftime of the Rutgers v Stony Brook match to defeat a combined FASNY and KEIO Academy team by a score of 38 -5  at the @UBowlSeries on Saturday afternoon. Greenwich dominated the action.

Greenwich High School also won the first match by a similar score of 26 - 5 over KEIO.

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Minute by Minute

14 min:
Match Highlight
Final score: FASNY/KEIO (5) v Greenwich (38)
9 min:
Match Highlight
Greenwich High School Boys (HSB)
7 min:
Match Highlight
Halftime score: FASNY/KEIO (5) v Greenwich (12)
0 min:
Halftime 7s KO: FASNY/KEIO Academy v Greenwich HS.
November 19, 2016 - 2:30PM @ Mazzella Field, Iona College

FASNY and KEIO Academy and Greenwich are both top teams in their own right. Both are set to play two sevens matches at halftime of the second and third collegiate 15s matches.

2016 Bowl Series 

Nov 19-20 Mazzella Field, New Rochelle NY

Mazzella Field, Iona College