2016 Bowl Series HS Sevens Match 1: Play Rugby 36 - EIRA 5 | URugby Bowl Series

2016 Bowl Series HS Sevens Match 1: Play Rugby 36 - EIRA 5

Sat, Nov 19, 2016 - 9:15 am ADT

Play Rugby USA came out of the gate strong in the first match of the Bowl Series thrilling the crowd with a 36-5 defeat of Eagle Impact Rugby Academy. In the first high school sevens match of the @UBowlSeries Play Rugby USA dominated play in both halves.

In the second match played at the half of the AIC vs Iona game, EIRA defeated Play Rugby USA by a score of 22-17.

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Minute by Minute

14 min:
Match Highlight
Final score: EIRA (5) v PRUSA (36)
11 min:
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0 min:
Match Highlight
halftime: EIRA (5) v PRUSA (17) Play Rugby scored three first half tries to one for Eagle Impact.
0 min:
First HSB 7s match pits Eagle Impact Rugby Academy (EIRA) v Play Rugby USA.
November 19, 2016 - 9:15AM @ Mazzella Field, Iona College

EIRA and Play Rugby played two sevens matches at the beginning of the day and at halftime of the first contest between Iona College and American International College. The first sevens match kicked off the entire tournament.

2016 Bowl Series 

Nov 19-20 Mazzella Field, New Rochelle NY

Mazzella Field, Iona College